Unique Ideas for a Corporate Summer Event

Summer is always a great season to throw corporate events. The warm weather and clear skies provide an opportunity to get outside of the office and enjoy the outdoors. With a unique approach to corporate summer party planning, you can create wonderful memories with employees and one-of-a-kind experiences.

Celebrate Unique Holidays

Holidays offer a chance to bring people together and connect. Unique holidays like National Ice Cream Day or National Hot Dog Day — both in July — create a great opportunity to celebrate the little things while effectively boosting morale.

Consider picking a fun holiday and throwing a party outdoors where everyone can enjoy a bit of sun. Your team can come together and indulge in amazing treats, games and giveaways. With a few thematic adjustments, you can celebrate anything at your corporate event this summer.

Ideas for a Summer Corporate Picnic

Corporate picnics are a great way to spend time with your team and enjoy games, food and the amazing outdoors. Here are a few unique picnic ideas for your next corporate summer party:

  • Tea party: Throw a charming tea party with an interesting theme where employees can engage in great conversations in a relaxing, scenic environment.
  • International eats: Plan a picnic that focuses on foods from around the world or a certain country. Employees can learn more about different cultures while expanding their palates.
  • Arts and crafts: Set up arts and crafts tables and watch as your employees explore their creativity. 

Hire an Event Management Company for Planning

Planning an event requires many considerations to ensure everything runs smoothly and guests are engaged throughout. Event management companies that specialize in office party planning will have the necessary skills to make your summer celebration a success. Innovative ideas are key to making corporate events a unique, memorable experience for employees.

An event planning company will take the time to learn your objectives, timelines and personal preferences to execute a corporate event that’s tailored for your company. Hiring an event planner can also help you stick to the budget and save time.

Plan a Corporate Summer Party With Treadway Events

At Treadway Events, we provide comprehensive event-planning services that allow you to create the perfect corporate summer party. Our team is ready to provide professional design solutions and make your vision come to life. Contact us to start planning your next corporate event.