Corporate events are an excellent way to bring your team together and build strong relationships. Fortunately, summer presents endless opportunities for fun, team building and socializing with your colleagues. If you need inspiration or ideas when planning summer events, we’ve got you covered.

Consider these corporate summer events to make your team’s camaraderie stronger than ever.

Classic Corporate Barbecue

The classic barbecue has undisputed appeal and allows you to incorporate many activities into one, making it a must-have on any corporate summer events list. You can work with an event planning service to bring together delicious food, fun entertainment and outdoor games for everyone to enjoy. A company barbecue is a great way for employees to come together and get to know each other better in a fun and relaxed environment.

Beach Party

Summer is the perfect time to host a fun beach party. Consider transforming the beach with colorful beach balls, umbrellas, chairs and refreshment stations. Make it a memorable party with music, entertainment and classic beach games like limbo or sand volleyball.

Sports Day

Summertime is warm and bright with long days, so it’s the perfect time to plan an event outdoors — and nothing brings people together like sports. Consider organizing a day filled with physical fun and friendly competition with activities like football or tug of war. A sports day encourages teamwork and builds confidence among your crew members.

Outdoor Movie Night

Enjoy the warm evening breeze and a great movie with your team on an outdoor movie night. Hire an event management company to organize premium screens and sound, food, refreshments and comfortable seating for everyone. Your employees can get involved by voting on which movie to watch. For an even more engaging experience, consider setting a theme that fits the film.

Dinner Party

Companies typically host end-of-the-year celebrations to show appreciation for employees and their hard work. You can put a twist on the concept by celebrating in the middle of the year with a classic dinner party. A get-together with good food and company is a great way to boost morale and encourage your team to work even harder for the remaining half of the year.

Get Started on Planning Summer Events

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