The Ultimate Corporate Event Planning Checklist

Corporate events are an integral part of fostering community in the corporate world. A corporate event planning checklist is vital. Events, whether B2B or B2C, provide a unique opportunity to connect the brand with its audience in ways unobtainable through traditional marketing. For some corporations, hosting employee appreciation events such as milestone celebrations, IPO anniversaries, [...]

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10 Essential Event Planning Tips For Your Special Event

We've put together our top 10 essential event planning tips for you to think about when planning your upcoming special event. While some of these may seem basic to the experienced event planner, we can agree that they are absolutely necessary to produce a successful and profitable special event. Don't have the time to plan [...]

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5 Ways to Pivot Your Special Event During COVID-19

  Were you forced to cancel an event because of COVID-19? Read 5 tips to Pivot Your Special Event During COVID-19 1. Postpone, Don’t Cancel Your Event - But Do Consider the Risks Discuss your possible options with your organization's event committee, or, if your event is a social gathering, discuss with your family, bride/groom, etc. Discuss the pros and [...]

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10 Event Planning Tips & Tricks | Plan Your Event with Treadway Events

10 Special Event Planning Tips & Tricks - How to Plan An Event 1. Jump Start Your Event In order to make your event as successful as possible, get an early start. It’s never too early to start planning. Most large events begin planning 4-6 months in advance while smaller events with 50 or less [...]

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