Today’s consumers have more choices than ever, and they’re surrounded by marketing materials at nearly every moment of the day. To get noticed, businesses have to be able to set themselves apart from the crowd, rise above the noise and connect with their audience on a deeper level.

With marketing focused on brand experience, you can host immersive brand events that engage your customers and create lasting positive impressions of your brand.

What Is Brand Experience?

Every business has a brand, but not every brand is memorable. While a lot of marketing focuses on brand awareness and making sure people see your brand in their everyday lives, brand experience focuses more on creating meaningful connections with your audience.

Brand experience is about engaging the senses and emotions of your customers, connecting with a target audience to promote:

  • Brand awareness
  • Brand loyalty
  • Excitement and trust for new products

The main goal of any brand experience strategy is to influence how the audience feels about your product or company. You want them to feel like your brand is worthy of trust and loyalty above others, leading to more conversions as your customers choose you again and again.

What Does a Brand Experience Company Do?

The best way to emphasize brand experience in your marketing strategy is to enlist the help of an expert brand experience agency like Treadway Events. We’ll help you create immersive brand experiences through elevated events, including live events and branded interactive parties.

As your brand experience company, we’ll make your ideas come to life, creating an exceptional event that helps attendees connect with your brand. We know how to engage the senses and create unforgettable experiences that will stay with your guests.

Our team will handle every aspect of your brand experience event, from budgeting and planning to organizing venues, rentals and day-of execution. We’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure the event runs smoothly.

Host Immersive Brand Experiences With Treadway Events

Treadway Events is a full-service event planning agency that helps you upgrade your marketing plan by hosting outstanding events and brand experiences. While you may have a few volunteers on staff willing to help plan an event, our team has years of experience learning what it takes to curate an experience that truly makes an impact on your guests.

At Treadway Events, we strive to create unmissable experiences and experiential events while working to ensure you always achieve your goals as a business. We’ll help you develop a realistic budget, determine your priorities and create a hitch-free plan for your event. Our team has access to a wide range of resources and a network of venues, rental companies and caterers.

Treadway Events is one of the leading brand experience companies in Oregon and Washington, and we also travel to help clients nationwide. Get in touch with our team to learn more about how we can elevate your brand.

Speak To An Event Pro

This was our organization’s first event, and I’m a hands-on person; I could have given the team more to do for us. But we were pleased with the company’s marketing and social media efforts for us–polished and great quality!

Jeri Shumate, Lifeline Connections

Treadway Events helped with the Taste of Parkrose 2018. Brandon and his crew helped the event run smoothly, and planning the event was much less stressful with them around. Event set-up, promotions, vendor coordination, etc.–Great service at a great price. We look forward to working with Brandon in the future.

Kate Coenen, Historic Parkrose

We partnered with Treadway Events for a promotional holiday event. Very professional, well priced and great service!”

Martine Monace, Dannon Company - YoCream International