Hosting your own events is just one way to create buzz about your business. You can also become an event sponsor. At Treadway Events, we help arrange event sponsorship opportunities that can help you reach specific audiences, meet your goals and give your business a competitive edge.

When you become a strategic sponsor, you can build engagement and seamlessly integrate your brand into events. Sign up today with Treadway Events to sponsor events locally and nationwide.

What Are Strategic Sponsors?

Strategic event sponsors help fund or organize an event in exchange for branding opportunities. These strategic investments are often mutually beneficial for the event host and their sponsors because they can share resources to create a more impactful event, which draws a larger audience.

As an event sponsor, you won’t directly promote your company or products like you would with traditional marketing. Instead, you’ll associate your brand with the event to help create an experience that your audience will associate with your business in a positive way.

The Benefits of Sponsoring an Event

Brand sponsorship opportunities offer many distinct advantages for businesses of all sizes. Strategic sponsoring is a form of marketing, but it’s nontraditional in that you’re not trying to persuade your audience to make a purchase or look into your company. Instead, you’re simply placing your brand where your audience will be and giving your audience space to form their own opinions about your company.

Other benefits of sponsoring events include increased brand awareness, better audience reach, the ability to scale to reach specific audiences and more business opportunities.

Better Brand Awareness

Event sponsorship opportunities allow you to place your brand at the forefront of your audience’s awareness. Seeing your brand associated with the positive emotions they get from the event will help guests develop a positive impression of your brand, leading to more awareness and potentially greater sales.

Many sponsorships also offer the opportunity to create co-branded marketing materials, allowing you to associate your brand with the event host and other sponsors.

Audiences on a National or Local Scale

With Treadway Events as your sponsorship agency, you can choose to sponsor both local and nationwide events. These sponsorship opportunities will allow you to scale your efforts to target specific audiences or reach new, broader audiences you may not have access to otherwise.

For example, you could sponsor a local event that’s primarily attended by children and families to reach that audience, or a more adult event to reach adults with specific, niche interests.

By associating your brand with the event’s hosts and other sponsors, you’ll gain access to their audiences as well, further expanding your reach.

Countless Ways to Sponsor

Sponsorships can include co-branding marketing materials, branded areas or stages at the event, giving out product samples or swag bags, or creating experiential activations for attendees. We’ll help you find an approach that fits your brand.

Business Opportunities

Sponsoring events allows you to create positive, strategic partnerships with local and national event hosts, including other businesses. These relationships could open up even more opportunities for your business in the future.

Find Strategic Sponsorship Opportunities With Treadway Events

At Treadway Events, we can help businesses of all sizes find event sponsorship opportunities in Oregon, Washington and beyond. Our team is dedicated to helping your business create meaningful strategic partnerships that boost your brand recognition and allow you to meet your goals. Contact us today to get started or get more information about our sponsorship and strategic partner opportunities.