Themed Attraction & Experience Design in Oregon, Washington & Beyond

We research, audit, conceptualize and develop the story and narrative of your project. Through this, we create great visuals and begin production to bring our concepts to life. Treadway Events is capable of working with preferred partners or completing the project internally.

We’re capable of marketing, promoting, and seeing the project through to completion nationwide.

With an exclusive network of Haunted Attraction industry connections and experience in the film, music, entertainment, and Christmas attractions industries, we have the capacity, and we are capable of producing any themed attraction or adventure, whether it be seasonal or permanent.

  • Brainstorming Event Ideas

  • Event Design

  • Event Financing

  • Branding & Marketing

  • Team/Committee Development

  • Vendor Sourcing

  • Permitting & Licensing

  • Event Operations

  • Event Forecasting & Financials

  • Volunteer Coordination & Recruitment

  • Haunted Attraction Production

  • Christmas Display Design

  • Music Festival & Nightclub Event Planning

Themed Attraction Services in Oregon

Treadway Events develops the narrative of your project and works hard to bring your concepts to life. Our team of themed attraction event planners in Oregon will make your adventure a reality, whether permanent or seasonal.

Our Themed Attraction Event Planning Services

Treadway Events provides the following services when planning your event in Oregon:

  • Permitting and licensing
  • Vendor sourcing
  • Team/committee development
  • Branding and marketing
  • Event financing
  • Event design
  • Brainstorming event ideas
  • Volunteer coordination and recruitment
  • Event forecasting and financials
  • Event operations
  • Christmas display design
  • Haunted attraction production
  • Music festival and nightclub event planning

How We Put Together a Successful Themed Event

At Treadway Events, we put a significant emphasis on choosing the right venue and entertainment for your attraction. We’ll help you choose the location most suited to creating an authentic atmosphere associated with your specific theme.

Other ways we can spruce up your event include:

  • Attractions to break the ice: Attractions are the perfect accommodation for large groups of people who don’t know each other well. For example, a contest can boost the authenticity of your setup and raise funds for charity. When people work together toward a common goal, they get to know each other authentically. Contests provide a fun outlet for your guests and maximize engagement levels. Other attention-grabbing attractions include performances, a light show, a photo booth and more — as long as they’re relevant to your event’s theme.
  • Marketing matters: Planning a marketing campaign is also essential for any themed attraction or event. Using a slogan that reflects the event’s theme will give visitors an idea of what the party is about. It’s essential to choose marketing materials that will deliver the same message across all channels.
  • Themed favors: Themed favors are ideal for branding and marketing purposes. Favors increase brand recognition and reinforce your event’s theme. The best party favors for your event capture emotions and experiences so guests remember the night fondly.

Schedule a Consultation for Your Themed Event Today

Ready to start planning for your next themed attraction in Oregon, Washington or beyond? Treadway Events can help. With more than a decades’ worth of experience, we’ve helped consumer brands, private clients, non-profit organizations and Fortune nationwide plan themed events for various occasions. Reach out for a consultation today!

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This was our organization’s first event, and I’m a hands-on person; I could have given the team more to do for us. But we were pleased with the company’s marketing and social media efforts for us–polished and great quality!

Jeri Shumate, Lifeline Connections

Treadway Events helped with the Taste of Parkrose 2018. Brandon and his crew helped the event run smoothly, and planning the event was much less stressful with them around. Event set-up, promotions, vendor coordination, etc.–Great service at a great price. We look forward to working with Brandon in the future.

Kate Coenen, Historic Parkrose

We partnered with Treadway Events for a promotional holiday event. Very professional, well priced and great service!”

Martine Monace, Dannon Company - YoCream International