Warm breezes and long daylight hours make summer the perfect time to host a corporate event. Whether you want to thank employees for their hard work or build better connections between departments, planning a fun summer event can help you accomplish your goals.

Corporate Picnic Ideas

A corporate picnic can be a versatile event. Promote connection in an intimate setting or host a large and enjoyable event for employees and their families. When planning a picnic, consider the theme on which you’ll base your venue, food and activities. Theme ideas include:

  • Traditional picnic: Host a picnic at a local park with classic foods like hotdogs, fruits and salads. Plan simple games like tug of war, frisbee or sack races.
  • Beach party: Take advantage of a nearby beach, park or your own parking lot to host a laid-back picnic with plenty of seafood options. Incorporate fun water activities like water balloons or slip ‘n slides.
  • Western rodeo: Pull out the grill for some barbeque while playing games like lasso toss or horseshoes. Consider hosting your picnic at a park or campground.

Outdoor Movie Night

Host a relaxing movie night to promote better relationships and boost morale. Keep these considerations in mind when planning your movie night:

  • Guests: Pick a lighthearted movie that will entertain all your guests, whether you’ve invited your employees or their families as well.
  • Seating arrangements: Decide if you’ll provide chairs or if everyone will bring their own pillows and blankets.
  • Snacks and drinks: Keep treats kid-friendly if you invite families and include movie theater classics such as popcorn, candy and soda.
  • The screen: Ensure you have a large, high-quality screen for your corporate movie night by renting an inflatable movie screen from Treadway Events.

Summer Festival-Inspired Corporate Events

Incorporate festival elements into your corporate event to create an exciting and immersive experience. To host a spectacular and memorable summer festival corporate event, some essentials you’ll need include:

  • Music: Find a live DJ or local bands to set the mood for your event.
  • Food: Hire food trucks or other vendors to bring a variety of food options.
  • Activities: Include activities like carnival games, dancing, inflatables, magic shows and more.
  • Tents: Tents will help you create separate areas for various activities, such as eating, playing games, dancing or relaxing.

Plan Your Summer Corporate Event With Treadway Events

As a full-service event management company, Treadway Events specializes in creating immersive corporate events that will impress your employees and generate buzz for your business. Contact us today to see how we can turn your summer event vision into a reality.