Should You Hire An Event Planner? Our Top 5 Reasons Why You Should:

There are a wide variety of factors that may affect your decision to hire an event planner for your upcoming special event. Here are our five top reasons why you should never plan an event

 without working with a professional–especially if you’ve never planned an event before. Ready to hire? Request a free consult here.

1. You’re Going to Save Time

By hiring an event planner, you will be able to focus on what matters most to you. If you’re planning a social event, maybe you want to be able to focus on making memories instead of what time the band goes on. For those planning corporate events, perhaps you’d rather make a new connection instead of worrying about registration and check-in.

Most event planners will not only handle major aspects of the event but also minor details as you wish. Treadway Events offers full-service event planning packages and we keep you up to date through weekly or monthly check-in meetings. Event planners take care of the frequent vendor meetings and communication so you don’t need to.

2. You’re Going to Save Money

Once you communicate your budget, event planners design the event around your goals and investment. Experienced planners will utilize their extensive network to save you money. Furthermore, event professionals stay up to date on industry trends and are capable of providing insight on what’s best for your special event while keeping budget and preference in mind. Some event companies such as Treadway Events is capable of handling the majority of tasks relating to your event internally whereas other planners outsource everything which causes confusion amongst vendors and tends to be more expensive.

3. Your Event is Going to Be Beautiful

Event planners know that if an event looks and feels great, it will be a success. There are many details that an event host may never think of. Things like, if you angle your audience chairs a certain way, it makes them feel more involved and engaged. You may want something a bit more unique for your event and that is where an event planner will shine. Professional planners and event companies can help with certain themes or offer their ideas and show you their previous work so you can visualize it in advance.

Table setting with colorful floral centerpiece & champagne buckets

4. Your Planner Will Put Out the Fires For You

No matter how many meetings you hold and the hours you put into planning, there is always something that will go wrong. From a longer than expected keynote to a registration issue, your event planner will make sure your event stays on track and puts fires out as they arise. Your event planner will do everything in their wheelhouse to be sure common event problems like these aren’t encountered. A skilled event planner can turn a potential disaster into a successful and memorable event without your guests knowing.

5. You Have No Idea Where to Start

You may have been asked to make an event happen and you’ve never planned an event before and have no idea where to start. You lack relationships with vendors and industry know-how. Events have many moving pieces and variables. Your event planner brings everything together for you and becomes a key asset to your family, brand, or organization.

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