By hiring an event planner, you save time as the event host to focus on the most essential parts of your event such as guest lists or venue selection. Most event planners will not only handle major aspects of the event but also minor details as you wish. Planners can handle as much or as little as you’d like and sometimes offer special packages with specific services. The best part? They go to the meetings with the venue, A/V company or rental companies leaving you with more time to focus on your own priorities.


While you think this would be just the opposite, once planners know your budget, they will utilize their network to save you money on all kinds of things. Furthermore, experienced event planners keep up with industry trends and they are able to provide fantastic advice on what is best for your special event while keeping budget and personal preferences in mind. Sometimes event companies (depending on the size) can handle everything in house as well which will dramatically decrease event costs.


Event planners know that if an event looks and feels great, it will be a success. There are many details that an event host may never think of. Things like, if you angle your audience chairs a certain way, it makes them feel more involved and engaged. You may want something a bit more unique for your event and that is where an event planner will really shine. Professional planners and event companies can help with certain themes or offer their own ideas and show you their previous work so you can visualize it in advance.


No matter how much time you put into the planning, there is always a chance that something won’t go as planned. A planner will take these things into account during the planning process and they will know exactly how to put out the fire. By thinking on their feet and executing a Plan B, a potential disaster can be turned into a successful and memorable event without your guests knowing.


When you’re planning an event, doing everything yourself is a very big job. It gets stressful but as soon as you hire an event planner, you can breathe. The event planner and their team becomes a great asset especially when it comes to post-event cleanup. They will ensure that the venue us kept clean right after the function, leaving you to kick back,